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Dr. David H. SolomonPhoto: Courtesy of UCLA Department of Medicine

Dr. David H. Solomon, who led a major expansion of the UCLA Department of Medicine and created the campus’s geriatrics program, died July 9, 2013. He was 90 years old. Dr. Solomon was recruited to the new UCLA School of Medicine in 1952; he became the first board-certified endocrinologist in Los Angeles and led the development of the Division of Endocrinology in the new Department of Medicine. During his tenure as executive chair of medicine, Dr. Solomon led a major expansion of the Department of Medicine. He also recognized the need for a new medical specialty, geriatric medicine. After stepping down as chair of medicine in 1981, he created the Multicampus Programs in Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology. From 1991 to 1996, he devoted most of his energy to developing the UCLA Center on Aging, now known as the UCLA Longevity Center, a campus-wide organization dedicated to helping older people live better and longer with improved quality of life through research, community education programs and patient care.


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