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Fourth of July Parade in Pacific PalisadesWhen the 4th of July Pacific Palisades Parade kicked off, UCLA Health’s People-Animal Connection was leading the way with volunteer/dog teams in uniform. UCLA Health was a parade co-sponsor.

The Ovarian Cancer Circle/ Inspired by Robin BabbiniA comedy-night fundraiser on April 24, 2013, raised $40,000 to benefit ovarian-cancer research at UCLA. The Third Annual “Happily Ever Laughter” at The Comedy Store was presented by The Ovarian Cancer Circle/Inspired by Robin Babbini. Each year since the comedy fundraiser’s inception, attendance and awareness have grown — $8,000 raised in 2011, followed by $20,000 last year. When Robin died at age 20 from ovarian cancer, her mother and Circle president, Paulinda Schimmel Babbini, dedicated her life’s work to increasing awareness of ovarian cancer, particularly among young women. Robin would have been 27 this year.

From Left: Dr. James Davis, Dr. David Reuben and Carol and James CollinsFrom Left: Dr. James Davis, Dr. David Reuben and Carol and James Collins. Photo: Lowell Kepics

UCLA supporters Carol and James Collins honored retiring UCLA geriatrician James W. Davis, MD, widely revered as a pioneer in the field of geriatrics. The Collins family has provided major gift support to the UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program, one of the many programs championed by Dr. Davis throughout his career. The couple celebrated Dr. Davis at his retirement party, which featured a tribute video, jazz trio and a commendation from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.


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