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  Dr. Mark S. Litwin, Dr. Leonard Marks and Dr. Jean B. deKernion,

(From left) Dr. Mark S. Litwin (FEL ’93), professor of urology and health policy and management and The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation Chair in Urology; Dr. Leonard Marks, the newly appointed Jean B. deKernion, M.D., Chair in Urology; and Dr. Jean B. deKernion, professor and chair emeritus of urology.
Photo: Vince Bucci

The UCLA Department of Urology has received a commitment of $2 million from a small group of donors to establish the Jean B. deKernion, M.D., Chair in Urology. The chair was established to pay tribute to and carry forward the legacy of Dr. deKernion, who, after more than 25 years as chair of the UCLA Department of Urology, retired in 2011.

Dr. deKernion’s research included important advances in the treatment of patients with bladder, kidney and prostate cancer. To this day, the study and development of immune-based therapies pioneered by Dr. deKernion remain at the forefront of cancer research and reinforce the importance of his contributions. Dr. deKernion also worked tirelessly to build the department by recruiting and nurturing excellent faculty and educating students at all levels. Dr. Leonard Marks, (RES ’73, ’78), professor of urology, was selected as the inaugural deKernion chair holder, which was announced at the celebratory reception in the Frank Clark Urology Center, Westwood, on January 29, 2015. Vital to the future of higher education, endowments sustain the university even through tumultuous economic climates. Endowed chairs provide long-term teaching and research support for distinguished faculty, enabling them to pursue innovative investigations.

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