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Golden Portal Fundraiser Joins Movies, Medicine and Technology



Golden Portal Fundraiser Joins Movies, Medicine and Technology

More than 250 guests came together for the Fourth Annual Golden Portal Awards benefiting brain-cancer research at UCLA. Ted Gagliano, president of post-production at 20th Century Fox and a member of the boards of the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery and the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation, and Loic Bailly, a former colleague at Fox, co-chaired the event. After Gagliano personally committed $1 million to support brain-cancer clinical trials in 2011, he and Bailly launched the Golden Portal Awards as a way to double the impact of Gagliano’s commitment by encouraging their peers in the film industry to get involved in the cause. The fundraiser embodies Gagliano’s partnership with UCLA by joining movies and medicine. Two of the awards honor technology innovation in film and two recognize a UCLA patient and a member of the UCLA brain-cancer research team.

Golden Portal awardees for 2015 included UCLA neurosurgery patient Jeannine Walston, who was honored with the Tenacious Bravery Award, and UCLA’s Dr. Carol Kruse, a recognized leader in immunological therapy for brain cancer, who posthumously received the Tenacious Discovery Award. Samsung and Oculus for VR Gear won the Tom Sherak Film Innovation Award, and the movie Wild received the Best Science in Film Award.

This year also served as a technology showcase, featuring multiple demonstrations of an ongoing collaboration between Gagliano and Dr. Neil Martin, chair of UCLA Neurosurgery, who are developing virtual-reality applications for surgical training and preparation.

“I had the privilege of working on Avatar and believed there would be bigger implications for what we were creating,” said Gagliano. “Now, I am thrilled to work with the surgeons and scientists at UCLA to apply these technologies in ways that will help patients have smoother, faster surgeries so they can recover more quickly.”

Proceeds from the event are helping more than 350 patients at 60 clinical-trial sites around the world to receive the most cutting-edge brain-cancer therapies offered by UCLA. The two clinical trials funded by the event and led by Dr. Linda Liau (RES ’97, FEL ’98), director of the UCLA Brain Tumor Program, are developing new therapies that train the human body’s immune system to recognize and destroy lingering cancer cells in patients with glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive form of brain cancer.

For more information, contact Leti McNeill Light at: (310) 267-9475.


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