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The UCLA Today’s and Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund Names New Awardees

  Tomorrow's Children's Fund Awardees  

(Back row, from left) TTCF Members Jill Chozen, Lynn Bider, Jeanne S. Marks, Alison Chozen, Beth Friedman, Glenn Bozarth and Mary Ann Hagopian. (Front row, from left) UCLA pediatric faculty awardees Drs. Vivian Y. Chang, Shaun Hussain and Marlin Touma.
Photo: Don Ponturo

Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA and the Today’s and Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund (TTCF), under the umbrella of the UCLA Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute, celebrated TTCF’s 10th annual Faculty Presentations and Awards Day on May 21, 2015, at Covel Commons on the UCLA campus. TTCF members attended a day of research presentations and group discussions before voting to award $230,000 in pooled donations to three research projects.

Grand Prize recipient Dr. Vivian Y. Chang (FEL ’12) received $100,000 for her research project, “Pediatric Cancer Predisposition,” while Dr. Shaun Hussain (RES ’07, ’10, FEL ’11), assistant clinical professor of pediatric neurology, and Dr. Marlin Touma (FEL ’15), assistant professor of neonatology, each received $65,000.

Since its inception in 2006, the TTCF has contributed more than $2 million in bridge grants for junior faculty members in the UCLA Department of Pediatrics.

For more information, contact Danielle Dietz at: (310) 267-1852.


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