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UCLA Cardiologists Serve Up Tips for a Healthy Heart

  UCLA Cardiologists Serve Up Tips for a Healthy Heart  

Guest enjoyed a heart-healthy meal and took home a book filled with healthy recipes.
Photo: Courteney Bailey

On October 22, 2015, the UCLA Women’s Cardiovascular Center presented an intimate evening called “A Taste of Health and the Science Behind It.” Co-hosted by Serge and Florence Azria and Mike and Irena Medavoy, the evening featured discussions with UCLA cardiologists and a heart-healthy interactive cooking class focused on the science behind a heart-healthy diet. Local chef and Meal and a Spiel founder Elana Horwich led the cooking demonstration, which included salmon radicchio wraps, a cornucopia of roasted vegetables with rosemary, quinoa and flourless black lava cake.

Experts from the UCLA Women’s Cardiovascular Center, cardiologists Drs. Tamara Horwich (RES ’02, FEL ’06) and Marcella Calfon Press, co-director of the center; Dr. Karol Watson (RES ’92, FEL ’97), director of the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Health Program; and Dr. Jamil Aboulhosn (MD ’99, RES ’02, FEL ’05, ’06), Streisand Chair in Cardiology, led the discussion on heart health and nutrition and were on hand to answer questions. Guests received a Taste of Health recipe book that included tips for a healthy heart.

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