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  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keston  

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keston
Photo: Courtesy of the Keston family

Lori and Jeff Frieden have made a $500,000 contribution to the UCLA Department of Urology. The gift will support the research start-up costs of a new physician-scientist, who will focus on the role of inflammation and microbiome in causing bladder dysfunction. The researcher will work under the guidance of Dr. Shlomo Raz, one of the most prominent physicians in the field of female urology and urologic reconstructive surgery.

A commitment of $1 million from Denise Friedman has established the William F. Friedman Endowed Fellowship in the Department of Pediatrics. In 2005, the Friedman family and friends established a memorial fund to support the William F. Friedman Research and Fellowship Awards, which gave its first research and first fellowship awards in 2011. With Denise Friedman’s new contribution, the fellowship was re-established and renamed. This endowed fellowship will enable the department to support outstanding fellows.

Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA has received a $520,000 befquest from the Lee Marks Charitable Remainder Trust. Lee Marks’s daughter Mary Marks, a UCLA alumna and former employee, was instrumental in directing the gift to UCLA. This meaningful investment will provide significant resources to support the physical and emotional well-being of children of all ages.

The newly established comprehensive UCLA Food Allergy Program has been named a Center of Excellence by the national Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) organization and admitted as an inaugural member of the FARE Clinical Trial Network. The UCLA program received $350,000 from multiple donors, including a $150,000 challenge grant from UCLA alumni Staci and Adam Miller. Additionally, UCLA received an $80,000 grant from FARE to support the program’s efforts to provide the highest quality patient-care services. The incidence of food allergies in children has increased dramatically, and UCLA’s new program will expand access to exceptional patient care, offer clinical trials to test the latest diagnostic and therapeutic advances, investigate the biological basis of food allergies to bring new discoveries to the patient bedside, train the next generation of physicians in the treatment of food allergies and educate school administrators, patients and the public about food allergies.

  Mr. and Mrs. Sprague with grandchildren  

Mr. and Mrs. Sprague with grandchildren.
Photo: Courtesy of the Sprague family

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keston have made a gift of $1 million to benefit the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. The Kestons’ pledge will support investigations into advanced lung disease and help launch the UCLA Lung Health Research Initiative, which aims to stop the relentless progression of lung disease and enable transplant recipients to live without fear of organ rejection. The Kestons were honored at a UCLA reception that introduced the UCLA Lung Health Research Initiative on November 13, 2015. To date, the initiative has raised almost $3 million toward its goal of $5 million to support research under the direction of Drs. John A. Belperio and Joseph P. Lynch III. Other major contributors include Carole and Barry Lindsey, Linda and Hormoz Ghaemmaghami, Paul Junger Witt and Susan Harris, Kanuja and JC Champaneri, Robin and Jeff Raich and William Pierpoint



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