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Longtime UCLA Benefactor Expands Commitment to Alzheimer’s Care

Since 1968, UCLA has benefited from the visionary philanthropy of The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation. Now, through a generous pledge to establish the UCLA Fran and Ray Stark Memory Care Fund, the foundation will play a vital role in alleviating the suffering of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, particularly younger and middle-aged adults with early-onset dementia, and reducing the strain on their families and caregivers. The gift will expand the current successful Memory Care Program in the UCLA Longevity Center and double the number of families who will benefit from the service.

“Memory loss has a profound impact on patients and their caregivers,” said Dr. Gary Small (FEL ’83), Albert F. Parlow-David H. Solomon Chair on Aging and director of the UCLA Longevity Center. “Thanks to the generosity of The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation, the UCLA Memory Care Program will be able to provide ongoing support for patients and caregivers to improve their daily lives and reduce the burden of cognitive decline.”

Caregivers of the more than 5-million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease lose time from work, suffer from anxiety and insomnia and have a 50-percent risk of developing clinical depression that requires medical attention. In response to the urgent call for the relief of such burdens, the UCLA Longevity Center created the innovative Memory Care Program in 2013. Designed for individuals and their caregivers to help them cope with early memory loss, the program teaches attendees memory techniques and strategies to lower stress.

“It is very meaningful to me to be able to further my parents’ legacy with this gift,” said Wendy Stark, daughter of Fran and Ray Stark. “It is important to our foundation that patients and caregivers in the Los Angeles area have the support they need to help them through such a challenging time. This gift is in honor of Deanna Hypolite, who is a part of the Stark family.”

For more information, contact Alan Han at: (310) 825-1546


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