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UCLA Health System Board Meeting Delves into Precision Health


Photography by Vince Bucci

UCLA Health System Board members and guests convened at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on November 9, 2016, for the board's fifth annual meeting. Hosted by Dr. John C. Mazziotta (RES '81, FEL '83), vice chancellor of UCLA Health Sciences and CEO of UCLA Health, and Henry Gluck, chairman of the UCLA Health System Board, the meeting featured a program on the power of precision health to transform patient care. Following opening remarks by Dr. Mazziotta and Gluck, Dr. Clara Lajonchere, deputy director of the newly founded UCLA Institute for Precision Health, spoke about goals for the interdisciplinary institute and how collaboration between the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and UCLA Health will open new frontiers in how UCLA cares for patients and the community. Advancing the university's patient-centric precision-health initiative requires a database that integrates enormous amounts of information about such areas as lifestyle, environment, genomics and medical histories. This will enable researchers to identify disease patterns that will lead to more personalized approaches in clinical care.

Dr. Daniel Geschwind (RES '95, FEL '97), senior associate dean and associate vice chancellor of precision health, presented his vision for the institute, collaborative agendas at UCLA and the institute's potential for finding treatments and cures for a wide range of diseases by "providing the right treatment, for the right patient, every time."

Volunteers from UCLA's People-Animal Connection greeted guests at the reception following the event, and guests were invited to participate in the precision-health initiative by registering for the database at one of the mobile consent stands.

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