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  UCLA Operation Mend
  UCLA Operation Mend
  UCLA Operation Mend
  UCLA Operation Mend

Since its inception, Operation Mend has treated more than 100 men and women from all branches of the military. The program is available at no cost to eligible warriors injured during post-9/11 combat operations or while training for service.
Photos: Courtesy of Operation Mend

Operation Mend was established in 2007, based on the vision of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Board and Executive Committee member Ronald A. Katz and his wife Maddie.

The original mission was to give returning service members with severe facial injuries access to the Army’s best burn center, in Texas, and the nation’s best plastic and reconstructive surgeries, at UCLA. The program has since expanded to mental-health support for military men and women and their families, orthopaedic reconstruction for severely damaged limbs, the design of prosthetic ears, otolaryngological care, the repair of airways and urologic and reproductive-system treatment.

For more information, go to UCLA Operation Mend website.


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