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Caring for Wounded Warriors

THE NUMBER OF SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN who are being treated at UCLA for injuries they received in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is being increased under commitments with the U.S. military services. By the end of 2008, Operation Mend was providing ongoing care to 10 wounded warriors. In January and February 2009, Operation Mend added 12 additional patients to its roster and anticipates more will be referred throughout this year.

Operation Mend is a unique partnership that began in 2007 between UCLA and the military to provide reconstructive plastic surgery to injured service personnel. UCLA Health System has been very successful in raising funds for this care, but support remains critical as more patients are included. Stories in the media and on the Internet have helped to spur donations from across the country, and the Intrepid Relief Fund recently became a partner. A small and determined group of friends and advocates has helped to inspire larger gifts. At the end of 2008, the Goldsmith Family Foundation and the Jean Perkins Foundation donated $100,000 and $300,000, respectively. Additionally, the Navy Belles, Greater Los Angeles Women’s Council, made a $50,000 gift, having been inspired by member Margaret Bloomfield and by Operation Mend founder Ronald A. Katz.

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