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A Toast from Classes Past

UCLA Medicine Fall 2009-Toast From Classes PastOn May 8, the MAA welcomed back the classes of ’59, ’84 and ’99 for a reunion weekend in conjunction with UCLA Alumni Day. Beginning with a pool-side cocktail reception at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard, the weekend was fi lled with opportunities to reconnect with former classmates and rediscover UCLA. Here are some reflections.

Marilyn and I thoroughly enjoyed the Friday night party. It was really fun to see and chat with old friends, especially those who went through as much as we did. We were all so supportive of each other and have a tight bond. The Saturday UCLA Alumni Day event was a bonus. We are not able to travel much and would never have gone to that event if it had been on another weekend. So the entire weekend activities get a big vote of confi dence from Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gehlbach. – Charles Gehlbach, M.D. ’59 Auburn, California

We had a great time at the MAA reunion dinner and at UCLA Day the next day. Having both events the same weekend gave us an opportunity to become immersed in UCLA spirit and reconnect with friends and activities with a great UCLA flavor. The setting for the dinner was beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable – we talked about old times until late into the night. We complained about residents and new partners and how things just weren’t the same as 25 years ago when we all worked so hard – then met the class of 1959 who said the same about us.

UCLA Day was great, with our highlight being the tour of the new Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center – quite an impressive piece of work. The entire experience had a particularly personal feel, and had special meaning to us as our daughter was recently accepted into the freshman class at UCLA to start this fall. Upon learning of her acceptance, she told me, “Dad, you know I bleed blue and gold.” I was so proud. We talked to so many nice people, and especially the students – and the alumni scholarship recipients were very helpful and full of useful information. Oh yeah, the double-decker bus ride is always a lot of fun, trading made-up facts with the student guides. Can’t wait to come back next year.


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