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Welcome Back, Donald

UCLA Medicine Fall 2009-Donald AdamsDONALD A. ADAMS has three degrees from UCLA – undergraduate degree in 1950, a master’s in ’51 and his M.D. in ’55, and his affinity for his alma mater has been demonstrated through a professional lifetime of service and philanthropy. He also is a founding member of the original UCLA Medical Alumni Association (MAA), and now he has returned to again be a member of the MAA’s Board of Directors.

Over the course of my career, I have always been active participating in or helping organize various medical endeavors. In medical school, I helped form a medical fraternity and develop a student American Medical Association chapter. In the 1960s, with assistance from several of my colleagues and Dean Stafford Warren and later Dean Sherman Mellinkoff, we started the Medical Alumni Association. I was the first president, and I still have the original by-laws. The fledging MAA faltered after a few years because of a lack of funding, but the current MAA is flourishing with fine leadership and financial support.

In my nearly 55 years since graduation, I have had an active and productive career in private practice and in various administrative medical positions. I was on the boards or president of several medical societies and received many honors and awards, including the coveted UCLA Medical Alumni Association’s Professional Achievement Award in 1996.

I was recently invited to join the current MAA Board, and I’m pleased to offer my experience and institutional knowledge. I have long appreciated what UCLA and the school of medicine have given me. I am particularly interested in fostering medical student scholarship funds. The need has always been great. Now, it is greater. I’m proud to say that through the efforts of my classmates and friends, the Class of ’55 was the first to reach $100,000 and endow a medical student scholarship. My personal vision is to see that all of our graduating classes achieve that goal.

To fi nd out how much your class has in its fund and/or to make an online donation, visit www.medalumni.ucla.edu/donation/donation.shtml


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