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MAA Reaches Out to Residents

THE MEDICAL SPOUSES AND PARTNERS ASSCOCIATION (MSPA) will enable physician spouses and partners to receive the resources and support they need to help them through the stress of residency and post-training years. it will also provide medical families opportunities to participate in interest groups, social functions and philanthropy that relates to the UCLA medical community.

“UCLA trains the finest residents in the world of graduate medical education, and they bring with them spouses and families that deserve a way to quickly feel a part of the UCLA family. the MAA feels that this program has the potential to make that happen. Our residents can come to work knowing that their families will get extra care from all of us,” says Mark Morocco, M.D., UCLA Emergency Medicine Center Associate Residency Director.

For more information, contact Jemie Sae Koo, at jemie@jemiesaekoo.com, or call Valerie Walker, MAA director, at (310) 794-4025


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