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Funding agency: U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
Grant amount: $7.7 million
Grant duration: 5 years
Principal investigator: Dr. Dennis Slamon, director of clinical/translational research, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
Summary: To utilize molecularly characterized cell line and animal models of the three current human breast-cancer therapeutic subtypes combined with data from established breastcancer tissue banks to develop new and novel treatment approaches.

Funding agency: California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Grant amount: $5.4 million
Grant duration: 3 years
Co-principal investigators: Dr. Bruno Peault, professor of cellular and molecular pathology; Dr. Chia Soo, associate professor of surgery
Summary: To regenerate bone with purified, non-cultured, autologous fat-derived stem cells.

Funding agency: W.M. Keck Foundation
Grant amount: $900,000
Grant duration: 3 years
Principal investigator: Dr. David Eisenberg, Paul D. Boyer Professor of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Summary: To exploit recent advances in the production of highly focused X-ray beams to devise new methods for collecting and interpreting diffraction data from biological cells and subcellular organelles.


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