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MAA on the Road

In 2011, Valerie Walker, MAA director, visited alumni in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Nashville and San Luis Obispo. In 2012, the MAA will continue its outreach efforts by hosting a reception in Las Vegas on April 20, in San Luis Obispo on October 14, and in San Francisco on November 4.

A special thank-you to Nisha Abdul Cader, M.D. '95, and Rushdi Cader, M.D. '95, for hosting 16 alumni, representing graduating classes from 1956 through 1997, as well as Harbor-UCLA residency programs, at the MAA's first California Central Coast alumni dinner.

(Pictured from left):Paul Georghiou, M.D., Brian Roberts, M.D. '80, Thomas Hale, M.D., Ed Coughlin, M.D., Scott Bisheff, M.D. '97, Rushdi Cader, M.D. '95, and Dan Culhane, M.D.'80, at San Luis Obispo alumni event.  


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