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Chairs of Distinction- MedMag-S2012UCLA alumni Renee and Meyer Luskin have established the Meyer and Renee Luskin Chair in Migraine and Headache Studies, the first in the country dedicated to headache research. Dr. Andrew C. Charles, professor of neurology and director of UCLA's Headache Research and Treatment Program, is the first chair holder. "We are very happy to support Dr. Charles, whose work is dedicated to the millions of people worldwide who endure migraines and other headache maladies," said Mr. Luskin.

Using brain imaging and physiological techniques, Dr. Charles and his team investigate the basic biology involved in migraine headaches.

They also perform clinical research on new therapies, educate health-care providers, and offer up-to-date treatments. The Luskin Chair will support translational research aimed at bringing new therapies to patients in order to improve the standard of care.

Dr. Charles and his group were the first to show that females have a lower threshold for the waves of brain activity that appear to be an important trigger for migraines, which may help explain why three times as many women as men are affected. Also, this group recently played a key role in identifying and characterizing a new gene that causes migraines to run in families.

"I'm deeply honored to be associated with the Luskins, who are remarkably thoughtful, kind, and compassionate individuals," said Dr. Charles. Mr. and Mrs. Luskin have made a number of generous gifts to UCLA, including a transformative contribution in January 2011 to support academic programs and capital improvements.


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