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Ramanujam “Ramu” Komanduri, M.D. ’87

Ramanujam "Ramu" Komanduri, M.D. '87, in front of the new Veterans Affairs (VA) Southern Nevada Health Care System facility.

Ramanujam "Ramu" Komanduri, M.D. '87, is a board-certified psychiatrist and chief of staff for the Veterans Affairs (VA) Southern Nevada Health Care System. His responsibilities include overseeing the building of a 1-million-square-foot medical complex that is scheduled to open this summer.

Over the past 10 years, we have been working on developing a new medical-center complex. The plan includes a 90-bed acute-care hospital and 120-bed community-living center. Complementing it will be four new large integrated clinics with telemedicine capability, providing primary care and mental-health services to veterans. These new facilities are located in close proximity to areas where large concentrations of veterans reside, allowing for the majority of the care to be provided near home. We also are expanding home-based care. In addition, we have a robust relationship with the Air Force Medical Center at Nellis Air Force Base, which gives our VA medical center the unique opportunity to serve veterans, active-duty
soldiers, military dependents and military retirees. 

The biggest challenge has been to orchestrate multiple moves while still running a busy operation taking care of 45,000 veterans. We already have opened the four new integrated primary-care/mental-health clinics, and we continue to recruit aggressively for physicians and allied staff. For me, the greatest achievement is our staff's ability to handle the incredible number of demands placed on them. Everyone remains focused on the main goal of serving those who have served our country.

I have tremendous appreciation for all that I learned at UCLA. The medical school provided a wonderful education with access to the best faculty on the planet. My transitional internship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is still my most memorable year as a physician. The psychiatry residency at UCLA and the West Los Angeles Veteran Affairs Medical Center was a remarkable experience. I am indebted to the faculty and patients.


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