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Cameron’s At It Again

iSketch app Cameron Cohen
AnimalGrams HD App
Photo: Courtesy of Cohen Family
Former pediatric patient Cameron Cohen is at it again. At age 11, he created the iSketch for the iPhone after being hospitalized for surgery on a benign bone tumor in his leg. He donated a portion of the proceeds from the drawing app's sale to the Chase Child Life Program at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA. Now 14, Cameron has created AnimalGrams (and AnimalGrams HD), an anagram-style word game; players unscramble letters shaped like animals to form words. His goal is to raise funds for pediatric cancer research, under the direction of Dr. Noah Federman, assistant professor of pediatric hematology-oncology and director of the Pediatric Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Program at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA. "I feel a direct connection to his research," Cameron says.



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