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Winter 2015

Winter 2015

 The Cutting Edge
Friends in Deed
Screening Guidelines Miss Many Younger Post-menopausal Women
Brain Reboot
Heart’s Repair Process Points to New Treatment Strategy for Heart Attack
Overcoming Resistance
Neural Stem Cell Overgrowth and the Autistic Brain
Teaching Blood Stem Cells to Regenerate
Spinal Injury and Bladder Control
Today’s Lifestyle Choices May Affect Tomorrow’s Memory
This Is Your Brain on Food
What Makes Us Fat?
Through Thick and Thin
Package Deal
Dr. Jam
In Memoriam
Fountain of Youth
In His Own Words: Erno S. Daniel, MD ’75 (RES ’78), PhD
A Tale of Two Brothers
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Receives Unrestricted $50-Million Gift
The Sounds of Gratitude
A Step and a Wave to Raise Funds for Operation Mend 25 Cents at a Time
Edie & Lew Wasserman Building Opens in Stein Plaza
Party On (the Pier)!
Art of the Brain Fundraiser Celebrates 15 Years
Crusading for Brain-cancer Research
In Memoriam
Appetite for Change
Helping Young Lives Bloom in the Middle of the City
The Life within Us