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Fall 2016

Fall 2016

 The Cutting Edge
A Humble Leader
Eye on the Future
Heart to Heart
Kaleidoscopic Circus Celebration Raises Money for Children’s Research
Who Cares About the Next Generation
Medical School Alumni Reunite and Tour Geffen Hall
Brave New World
 The Cutting Edge
Impaired Decision-making May Contribute to Parkinson’s Motor Symptoms
Biomarkers Could Give Cancer Patients Better Survival Estimates
UCLA Researchers Grow 3D Lung-in-a-dish
UCLA Scientists Advance Cancer-screening Technology to Personalize Treatment
Heart-failure Therapy Could Reduce Deaths
Fructose Alters Brain Genes, Can Lead to Disease
New Method to Study Mitochondrial DNA Diseases
Potential Treatment Breakthrough for Advanced Brain Cancer
UCLA, Danish Researchers Explain How Eliminating HIV Is Possible
The Collaborator
Awards & Honors
In Memoriam
Lonely Planet
Bridging the Cultural Divide
The Long Road from California to the CDC
Like Father, Like Son
Generous Philanthropic Gift Will Name the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases
Cancer Moonshot Summit Aspires to Eclipse Cancer
Cancer Crusader Establishes Women’s Cancer-research Fund
Longtime UCLA Benefactor Expands Commitment to Alzheimer’s Care
Symposium on Teen Self-image
Heart Talk: Women’s Heart Health Program Reaches Out to the Community
UCLA Medical Center Boards Welcome New Leadership