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Lonely Planet
The implications of loneliness are more than just psychic pain; it contributes to a host sometimes lethal diseases.

Bridging the Cultural Divide
UCLA is at the forefront of efforts for greater balance between the growing Latino population and the shortfall in Latino physicians.

The Cutting Edge
A Humble LeaderA Humble Leader
Remembering the “Dean of Deans,” Dr. Sherman M. Mellinkoff.

Impaired Decision-making May Contribute to Parkinson’s Motor Symptoms
A discovery by UCLA researchers that could help with the understanding of Parkinson's disease.

Biomarkers Could Give Cancer Patients Better Survival Estimates
The aim is to achieve precision medicine and give doctors the ability to tailor care to each patient.


Brave New World
Transplantation is among medicine’s most daring procedures, and UCLA continues to amass achievement in this leading-edge sphere.


David S. Chernow
Bringing UCLA Health and Cedars-Sinai together to build a cutting-edge rehabilitation facility.

News & Notes

Alumni Notes, Dr. Jean Clare SmithAlumni Notes
The long road from California to the CDC.

Faculty Notes
Building a camp for children with heart disease.

Generous gift names the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases.

A future of adventure at age 80.