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Do the Right Thing
While today’s medical technology can save and prolong life, it also can raise difficult ethical questions.

Healing Art
Visual expression helps patients and physicians better understand the experience of disease and illness.

The Cutting Edge
Bursting the Bubble of Bubble Baby DiseaseA Day to Remember
Operation Mend takes to the streets of New York to celebrate Veterans Day.

Genetic Testing All Women Might Not be Worth the Cost
Study suggests that for breast cancer the costs might outweigh the benefits.

To Kick Addiction, Replace It with Joy
Rewarding oneself as part of the addiction recovery process.


The Essence of What We Are About
The truest measure of our value is in the newer and safer treatments we develop.


Drs. Neil Wenger and David Wallenstein
California’s new right-to-die law.

News & Notes

Definition of Beauty, Eva Ritvo, MDAlumni Notes
Expanding the definition of beauty.


Faculty Notes
Physician, teacher, swordsman.

Gift benefits migraine research and treatment.


A young doctor’s journey from the hard streets to medical school.