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Categorical Denial
Understanding the biological origins of sexual orientation and gender identity is vital to ensuring health and social well-being.

Turning the Tables
The emergence of immunotherapies as powerful weapons in the war on cancer offers patients new options and increased hope.


Stress Fractures
UCLA researchers are trying to close the rift that separates Americans from the dreams they pursue and the happiness they crave.

The Cutting Edge
Bursting the Bubble of Bubble Baby DiseaseBursting the Bubble of Bubble Baby Disease
A remarkable gene-therapy treatment restores immune system to children who are born without.

Memories Lost and Found
New findings that lost memories can be restored offers some hope for patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Obesity Accelerates Aging of the Liver
Discovery could explain the early onset of many age-related diseases, including liver cancer, in people who are obese.

Moving Forward
UCLA’s health enterprise continues its drive to become the future of medicine.


Dr. John C. Mazziotta
A new leader takes charge of UCLA’s medical enterprise.

News & Notes

SurfingFaculty Notes
A doctor and his patients hit the waves.


Alumni Notes
A meeting to remember

Donor roundup: Progress and courage.


A kidney donor’s incredible journey.