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Partners in Care
Shared decision making enables patients, in collaboration with their doctors, to sort through their options to make the best healthcare choices.

Body Language
In UCLA’s Surgical Science Lab, new surgeons learn the real ins and outs of human anatomy while honing their skills.


Game Changer
The David Geffen Medical Scholarships promises a debt-free education, drawing a special kind of student to UCLA.

The Cutting Edge
Picturing PainPicturing Pain
Understanding pain.

Vitamin A vs. Tuberculosis
Vitamin A may play an important role in combating TB.

Understanding the Genetics of Bipolar Disorder
Researchers identified about 50 brain and behavioral measures that are both under genetic control and associated with bipolar disorder

Fully Engaged
UCLA broadens its core missions and takes aim at building relationships to improve healthcare throughout the community.


Dr. James McCracken
On-ramp to the Fast Track

News & Notes

Up for a ChallengeFaculty Notes
Guardians at the Gates of Academic Advancement.


Alumni Notes
What’s happening from the MAA: Going Global.

Donor roundup: Taste for a Cure Benefits UCLA'S Jonsson Cancer Center.


Extending a Helping Hand for Healthcare.