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What Makes Us Fat?
Science is now starting to offer deeper insights into this weighty question.

Through Thick and Thin
It used to be that fat was our friend, something we depended upon for our very survival. How is it that today our once-healthy relationship has become, instead, a recipe for disease?


Package Deal
Mounting evidence shows that obesity in pregnancy can have long-term repercussions on both mother and baby.

The Cutting Edge
Surgery and Google GlassesFriends in Deed
Westside teens raise money to help sick children.

Brain Reboot
New clues on how our brains transit from unconsciousness to consciousness.

Overcoming Resistance
Re-engineering antibiotics to combat bacteria resistance to new drugs.

The Life within Us
Humans, the microbes we host, and the balance between health and disease.


Drs. A. Janet Tomiyama and Danyale McCurdy
Addressing our mind-body relationship with food.

News & Notes

Dr. Jason RoostaeianFaculty Notes
Jamming physican's enthusiasm for surgery and music.


Alumni Notes
Two passionate healthcare providers who are also brothers.

Donor roundup: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA receives unrestricted $50-million gift.


Appetite for Change: a patient's personal journey.