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To Heal the Human Instrument
When words fail, a unique and highly specialized center at UCLA is there to help patients find their voice.

Finding the Right Path
Patients may love the idea of care that is tailored to their personal needs, but is that always in their best interest? Standardized approaches enhance the quality of care and cut down on waste.


At the End of Too-Few Days
No family should be alone when facing the death of a child. UCLA’s Children’s Pain and Comfort Care program helps them to endure the ordeal.

The Cutting Edge
Surgery and Google GlassesSurgery & Google Glasses
The eye of the surgeon captured.

Game Changer
A breakthrough in the fight against Melanoma.

Ferric Factor
A discovery that could help people with Cooley anemia.

Toward a Bright Tomorrow
Each new academic year begins with both challenge and hope.

News & Notes

Front-line PhysicianFaculty Notes
A physican serving on the front-line.


Alumni Notes
Promoting Exchange to Encourage Change.

Donor roundup: UCLA Bestows Highest Honor on Distinguished Philanthropists.


From Patient to Phyisican: A Personal Journey.