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UCLA Neurology Celebrates the Silton Family’s Philanthropy and the Inaugural Silton Chair Holder

  UCLA Neurology  
  UCLA Neurology  

Top: (From left) Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael (FEL ’01), chair of the UCLA Department of Neurology; Dr. Jeff. M. Bronstein; and Dr. Kelsey C. Martin, dean of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Bottom: Inaugural Silton Family Chair holder Dr. Jeff M. Bronstein (left) and Fred Silton.
Photos: Todd Cheney/UCLA Photography

To be “as useful as possible in helping to solve the problems associated with Parkinson’s disease,” Fred Silton made a pledge to the Department of Neurology in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA to establish the Fred Silton Family Chair in Movement Disorders. During a special ceremony on January 9, 2017, at the UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Center, the department celebrated the Silton family’s gift and the appointment of Dr. Jeff M. Bronstein (MD ’88, PhD ’88, RES ’92), professor of neurology and director of the Movement Disorders Program, as the inaugural chair holder.

Silton and Dr. Bronstein, along with their families and friends, attended the event. Silton, who has lived with Parkinson’s for 17 years, shared his faith in Dr. Bronstein, saying, “He is a doctor with a heart and a mission who gives his patients relief now and hope for the future.” The Silton family also expressed their confidence in Dr. Bronstein to “continue to make scientific breakthroughs as a result of this gift.”

The chair will support Dr. Bronstein’s research into Parkinson’s disease, its genetic and environmental causes and the development of more effective treatments for this and other movement disorders. “The vision that Fred had in making this incredible donation allows me the long-term ability to take risks,” said Dr. Bronstein. “This bonds us forever in our efforts to find a solution to Parkinson’s.”

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