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HOSPITALS LIKE UCLA'S that develop and provide cutting-edge medicine need a mechanism to balance complicated medical and ethical issues.

“Academic medical centers often confront complex life-and-death questions. We must help patients and their families through the process of negotiating difficult ethical decisions,” says Neil Wenger, M.D., director of the UCLA Health System Ethics Center.

The Ethics Center was created to address these increasingly complex issues that arise out of the confluence of medical advancements, the explosion of information availability and economic pressures.

“In a context of medical advancement, economic constraints and patient need, this center provides resources to explore and develop potential solutions to some of the problems facing our society today,” says Katherine Brown-Saltzman, R.N., co-director of the center. “We aim to have a positive impact on patients here at UCLA and elsewhere.”

The center, which is supported by Ucla health system and members of the UCLA community, is committed to:

  • Promoting the care of patients in an environment that is humanistic and compassionate.
  • Drawing on the perspectives of health professionals, patients and families.
  • Addressing the challenges of rapid socioeconomic, cultural and technological changes in healthcare.
  • Utilizing UCLA’s academic resources to reach out to the community and combine the strengths and perspectives of various disciplines and professions.
  • Carrying out innovative research to advance ethical aspects of healthcare and health policy.
  • Engaging the community in debating clinical-ethics topics of public importance.

For more information about the UCLA Health System Ethics Center, go to: www.uclahealth.org/ethics


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