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MAA Board of Directors Meet

A. Eugene Washington, M.D., M.Sc., vice chancellor, UCLA Health Sciences and dean of the David Geffen School
of Medicine at UCLA, attended the MAA Board of Directors spring meeting and gave an update on the medical school and the health system. George M. Rajacich, M.D. '79, presented a plaque to Wade Aubry, M.D. '77, for his leadership as MAA president from 2010-12. MAA Vice President Rosalind (Roz) Warner, M.D. '81, and MAA Secretary/
Treasurer Jeannine Rahimian, M.D. '00, MBA, were recognized for their service. Livia Solti-Bohman, M.D. '75, who completed nine years on the board, was acknowledged, as well. Mark Morocco, M.D., was elected to serve as the MAA president and Vena Ricketts, M.D. '76, as the vice president for the 2012-13 academic year. Dr. Rajacich has three more years remaining as executive vice president. Dr. Rahimian will serve a second year as secretary/treasurer.


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